Sales Report: Top 10 Best-Selling 2-Wheeler Brands in India

Top 10 Best-Selling 2-Wheeler Brands (Sales Report): The brand-wise sales number for top 10 best selling motorcycle brands of India has shown a totally different trend in comparison to the numbers last year. December 2018 saw Hero Motocorp registering 4,36,591 units, posting 4.2% of downfall in comparison to their number last year. The drop is even more visible on Honda motorcycles as they posted just 3,07,996 units in comparison to the 3,63,245 units of December 2017. The drop is straight 15.2% and the number of units lost is greater than the total sales of all brands listed under the fifth number. TVS Motor showed just 1% growth and registered 2,09,906 units in December 2018.

Honda CB300R Bookings Open in India
Honda CB300R Bookings Open in India; Launch Price Under Rs 2.50 Lakh

Bajaj Auto posted 1,57,252 units and registered 39.2% of total growth in the industry. It was the highest numbers of units gained by a brand. The next brand on the list is Royal Enfield, registering 56,026 units and posting 14.3% of sales drop in comparison to Dec 2017. The fall is drastic for a brand that sold an almost similar number of Classic 350s a few months back. Suzuki has jumped to the sixth position by posting 33.8% of sales growth. They got 43,871 buyers and left Yamaha (42,972 units) behind by a small margin. The Piaggio group posted 3654 units in December 2018 while Kawasaki took the next position with 344 units.

Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R Launched in India
Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R Launched in India @ INR 10,49,000

UM was the tenth best selling brand in India with 131 units for the 31-day period. Apart from the top 10 brands, Mahindra registered 108 units while Harley and Triumph were good for 92 and 83 units respectively. The drop was massive for Harley-Davidson as they kept the top selling position booked from a long time.

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Best-Selling 2-Wheeler Brands

Sales Report (December 2018)

  1. Hero Motocorp: 4,36,591 units
  2. Honda: 3,07,996 units
  3. TVS Motor: 2,09,906 units
  4. Bajaj + KTM: 1,57,252 units
  5. Royal Enfield: 56,026 units
  6. Suzuki: 43,871 units
  7. Yamaha: 42,972 units
  8. Piaggio + Aprilia: 3654 units
  9. Kawasaki: 344 units
  10. UM: 131 units
Sales Report: Top 10 Best-Selling 2-Wheeler Brands in India
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