2017 Kawasaki Ninja 650 Unveiled at Intermot 2016

Kawasaki has unveiled the MY2017 Ninja 650 at Intermot 2016. The motorcycle now carries a new design, leaving all of the curves behind with its currently sold version. Now, it looks more into the Ninja 300 and Ninja 1000 (which has also received a MY2017 design at the show) family. Not just that, the Ninja 650 KRT Edition has also been displayed with the standard model.


The new nose is much sharper than the older edition while the headlight on MY17 looks more like the race inspired ZX series. The side fairing feels lighter than before while the rear has also been redesigned, which actually means smaller seats and a longer mudguard. The handlebars are still raised, thereby allowing both sporty and tourer friendly rides on the motorcycle.



The major change is its Euro 4 complaint engine, which now produces 2 PS less power than the currently selling version. As earlier stated, the motorcycle now weighs just 193 kg, making it much more effective than the current version. This even compensates the 2 PS power reduction. The fuel tank has also been reduced by 2 liters and thus the new Ninja 650 has just 15 liters of fuel holding capacity. 2017 model of Ninja 650 is also equipped with ABS (Anti-lock Braking System).


2017 Kawasaki Ninja 650 Unveiled at Intermot 2016

The instrument console has grown into a much better unit with an analogue tachometer in the center and a split screen on its right side. The smaller half, which is placed inside the same circle as the tachometer display current gear and digital clock while the unit outside the circle is good for speedometer, trip-meter, fuel meter and even fuel consumption.




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