Top 15 Helmets You Can Buy Under INR 10,000

As awareness regarding safety is spreading fast across the country, riders passionately improve the quality of their riding gear. The most important of all is helmet as head injury is a major reason for fatal accidents in India. Taking utmost care for your safety and style quotient, we have created a list of top 15 best helmets in India under INR 10,000. Most of them are DOT certified while some may have ISI safety certification.

Best Helmets Under INR 10,000

# Shiro SH-600 Full Face Helmet @ INR 4950: DOT and ECE/ONU approved, SH-600 is one pro option that comes with washable liners, anti allergic coating and impressive double visor. You can buy the same in KTM Orange and Matte Grey shade options for the same price. Buy Now

Shiro SH-600 Full Face Helmet @ INR 4,950

# LS2 MX436 @ INR 8950: A great design that come with added protection through twin visors, MX436 can be had in two mouth watering shades. Perfectly fitting large head size, it comes with impressive ventilation and multi colored inner lining. Buy Now

LS2 MX436 @ INR 8950

# SOL Infinity @ INR 7090: One of the best helmets available under INR 10,000, Infinity is DOT certified and comes with high quality ventilation system for ease in hot weather. It can be bought in three different shades and two different sizes. Buy Now

SOL Infinity @ INR 7090

# MT Revenge Cyborg @ INR 7475: A favorite among riders, Revenge Cyborg is both DOT and ECE approved, further carrying 5 star sharp rating and slightly over 1400 grams of overall weight. It simply carries the ability to shock a buyer with its high precision detailing and practicality. Buy Now

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MT Revenge Cyborg @ INR 7475

# THH Desert Storm Pirate @ INR 4200: Finished in a premium shade of sand, THH offers Pirate themed Desert Storm helmet that is both DOT and ISI certified. Weighing just 800 grams, it comes with UV protected visor and quick release buckle for ease of operation. Buy Now

THH Desert Storm Pirate @ INR 4200

SMK MA243 Twister Attack @ INR 4300: You can buy almost every possible size in SMK’s Twister Attack as this brand offers XS, S, M, L and XL for the best possible fitting. Features on offer include removable nose guard, lower wind stop and proper ventilation. Buy Now

SMK MA243 Twister Attack @ INR 4300

# Kranos Viper Premium Designer Helmet @ 5250: Designer helmets are a great way to express your feel for riding and Kranos Viper is one great option with DOT certification. It is wrapped in multiple colors and flaunts a real Viper on its outer body, that too with sharp teeth all over the sides. Buy Now

Kranos Viper Premium Designer Helmet @ 5250

# HJC CL-Y Striker @ INR 9353: Perfectly crafted in Neon and Black combination, Striker offers 95 percent UV protection through its 3D visor. It comes with an impressive ventilation system and even brings two adjustable vents to control the total airflow inside the helmet. Buy Now

HJC CL-Y Striker @ INR 9353

# UM Atrotus @ INR 5120: Available in medium, large and extra large size, Atrotus even offers an option between Neon as well as White/Red exterior shade. It comes with impressive ventilation system and scratch resistant poly-carbonate visor. Buy Now

UM Atrotus @ INR 5120 | Best Helmets Under INR 10000

# Greenstone Bluetooth @ INR 6199: This helmet is quite unique in itself as one gets an inbuilt Bluetooth connectivity option that helps you accept calls and play music. Certified by ISI, it weighs 1450 grams and can be bought in Red, White and Black shade. Buy Now

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Greenstone Bluetooth @ INR 6199

# LS2 Rookie Fan @ INR 4950: A full face helmet in Matt Green, Rookie Fan comes with scratch resistant visor, air intakes at front and better rear vents for easy air flow. Inner fabric is removable and washable, even carrying anti bacterial coating for best ever experience. Buy Now

LS2 Rookie Fan @ INR 4950

# SOL Illusion @ INR 6290: Illusion is one great helmet that can be bought in eight different shades and graphic patterns. Available in large size, it is DOT approved and comes with washable inner padding. The design helps in noise reduction when driving at higher speeds. Buy Now

SOL Illusion @ INR 6290 | Best Helmets Under INR 10000

# LS2 Tokyo @ INR 5200: If multiple colors with matte finish is your first choice, Tokyo is available in Blue, Orange and Red/White shade. It comes with impressive sticker patterns and weighs 1350 grams. It can be bought in large as well as extra large size. Buy Now

LS2 Tokyo @ INR 5200

# SOL SM-1 Flip Up LED @ INR 8999: The most impressive helmet of all, SM-1 comes with rear LED light that helps one feel visible in all light conditions. It has the best available ventilation and comes with UV protected visor and overall paint. SM-1 is DOT certified and perfect for every quest. Buy Now

SOL SM-1 Flip Up LED @ INR 8999

# LS2 Trooper @ INR 5200: Available in large size and three exciting shades namely Blue/Black, Green/Black and White/Blue, Trooper weighs around 1350 grams.The full face helmets has options between clear and tinted visor for both day and night riding. Buy Now

LS2 Trooper @ INR 5200 | Best Helmets Under INR 10000

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