Meet Bike Blazer: A Must-Have Semi-Automatic Cover to Protect Your Motorcycle

Semi-Automatic Bike Cover by Bike Blazer India: Ever wondered how covering your bike in the evening has become a difficult job? Living in an apartment where parking is safe yet not under a roof?

Bike Blazer has a solution to everyone’s problem. You don’t need to go and bring your cover from a safe place as their semi-automatic device can be fitted to a specific motorcycle part and cover will come out of it with a slight pull. When you feel like going for a ride, the same box will help you store the cover with much ease than your regular safe spot. This amazing box is just of the same size as an open hand.

Semi-Automatic Bike Blazer
Semi-Automatic Bike Blazer Cover to Protect Your Motorcycle

They have shown how you can cover the bike in just 8 seconds and get waterproof, heat and rust resistant covering for your bike. The Delhi based startup has made this device for cars, bikes, and scooters, all carrying different size but the same round shape for the box.

The one seen on the car was not that effective because pulling the box out of boot area feels almost equal to a standard cover. Still, what you get here is easy single person operation as the placement of box helps in fast and stress-free completion of the job.

As it can be permanently mounted on a motorcycle without taking much space and considering the fact that motorcycles do not have sufficient hidden storage, this device works well in keeping them safe from major problem causing agents. This same fact is also true for scooters as they have limited storage within them.

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The easy pulling and roll back of cover make Bike Blazer semi-automatic device a blessing for automobile lovers. Even the price (INR 799 on Amazon India) is justified for the ease that it brings in everybody’s life. They have different devices for different brands.

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Bike Blazer Cover

Bike Blazer: A Must-Have Semi-Automatic Cover To Protect Your BikeQuick Details & Price –

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Meet Bike Blazer: A Must-Have Semi-Automatic Cover to Protect Your Motorcycle
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