Jawa Working on New Seat Cover to Improve Comfort; Launch Soon

Jawa Working on New Seat Cover to Improve Comfort: Jawa motorcycles were officially relaunched in India in November last year. Receiving an overwhelming response from the customers, the brand registered an optimum sales number during its initial months though, the lack of early deliveries made the customers lash out on social media. In different news, some of the customers who have got their Jawa motorcycle deliveries are now complaining that the seat equipped on the new Jawa is uncomfortable and not at all suitable for long rides.

One of the owners recently contacted Jawa through customer care service and according to him, the brand has promised that their designated team is working towards designing a new comfortable seat cover that will easily solve the pending issue. The brand will notify the customers when the new seat cover will be ready for sale. Judging from the statement, one can easily guess that Jawa will be offering a comfortable seat cover as an additional accessory which the customers will have to pay for.

Since the brand is not offering to replace the old seat with a new comfortable one, certain Jawa owners are stating their disappointment on social media channels. In addition to this, the customers are also complaining about Jawa motorcycles getting rust on various body panels as well as other quality issues. Since making the customers happy is one of the topmost priorities of the brand to keep the sales running, Jawa officials would have to reconsider the complaints registered to them by the motorcycle owners and offer to solve the impending issues shortly.

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Jawa Motorcycle Gets Rust
Jawa Motorcycle Gets Rust; Dealer Promises to Replace Parts

Jawa Motorcycles Price List

  • Jawa 42 (Rear Drum + 1-Channel ABS): INR 1.55 Lakh
  • Jawa 42 (Rear Disc + 2-Channel ABS): INR 1.64 Lakh
  • Jawa 300 (Rear Drum + 1-Channel ABS): INR 1.64 Lakh
  • Jawa 300 (Rear Disc + 2-Channel ABS): INR 1.73 Lakh
Jawa Working on New Seat Cover to Improve Comfort; Launch Soon
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