Kawasaki Riding Gear & Merchandise Launched in India Starting @ INR 75

Kawasaki has launched a complete list of riding gear and merchandise for their fans in India. The range of products starts at INR 75 for the Kawasaki branded pen and goes up to INR 15,999 for the premium brown leather jacket. The interested buyers can get their hands on matching key chains, leather belt, leather wallet, flip-flops, riding gloves, waist bag, backpack and much more.

They have effectively priced different types of jackets at INR 6000 while riding boots will set you back by INR 7000. The range of leather jackets starts at INR 11,999. Kawasaki took equal care of the riders and even those fans who, by any possible reason, spend more time on the desk than the front seat. The range of Kawasaki bikes starts at INR 2.98 lakh for the Ninja 300 ABS. Here is a complete list of riding gear and accessories one could buy from Kawasaki:

Kawasaki Riding Gear & Merchandise

Official Price List in India

  1. Black Pen: INR 75
  2. White Pen: INR 130
  3. Leather Key Chain Brown: INR 199
  4. Leather Key Chain Black: INR 299
  5. Kawasaki Logo Mobile Cover: INR 350
  6. Coffee Mug: INR 398
  7. Green Flip Flops: INR 599
  8. Black Leather Belt: INR 799
  9. Brown Leather Belt: INR 799
  10. Baseball Style Cap: INR 999
  11. Hip Hop Style Cap: INR 999
  12. Beanie Cap: INR 999
  13. Backpack Streak: INR 1,199
  14. Leather Riding Gloves Green: INR 1,298
  15. Leather Riding Gloves Grey: INR 1,298
  16. Thermosteel Duo 750ml: INR 1,399
  17. Waist Bag: INR 1,499
  18. Black Leather Wallet: INR 1,499
  19. Brown Leather Wallet: INR 1,499
  20. Cup Set: INR 2,498
  21. Duffel Bag: INR 2,499
  22. Backpack: INR 3,499
  23. Disc Brake Wall Clock: INR 3,999
  24. Textile Jacket: INR 5,999
  25. Mesh Jacket: INR 5,999
  26. Riding Boots: INR 6,999
  27. Leather Jacket Brown: INR 11,999
  28. Leather Jacket Black: INR 11,999
  29. Premium Leather Jacket Brown: INR 15,999
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Kawasaki Riding Gear & Merchandise Launched in India Starting @ INR 75
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