Yamaha FZ25 vs. KTM Duke 250 Comparison Video by Rahul Mazumder

YouTube user ‘Ride with Rahul’ brings us a comparison video between the recently launched Yamaha FZ25 and KTM 250 Duke. The bikes were ridden one after the other as Rahul had earlier described the feel of riding a 250 Duke and since FZ25 was not available at that time, he recently rode the same and described the differences he felt in both the bikes. The views about both the bikes are solely from the owner and Maxabout has added no opinion on any of the given points. Here is what Rahul feels about the newly launched quarter liter rivals.

FZ25 gets a slightly forward leaning position as the handlebar is placed quite low as compared to the rival. This enables sharper handling but on the same time, restricts smaller riders for a straight back driving position. The seats are comfortable while the throttle has a predictive surge in most rpm positions. He once felt that braking could have been better for the highway use while they are pretty good for city speeds. The suspension is on the soft side and helps the rider maintain easy saddle on rough surfaces. He found the instrument console to be very useful.

Yamaha FZ25 vs. KTM Duke 250 Comparison Video by Rahul Mazumder

It came with a clock and projected mileage feature, helping the rider guess the drop ad increase in mileage at various speeds. The power and weight of the motorcycle coordinated in the best way possible as the motorcycle smoothly reaches 130 kmph and then struggles to reach 137 kmph. He felt a slight gap in power delivery as it was jerky when sudden high throttle is applied on the motorcycle. When comparing the same with KTM 250 Duke, he felt that Duke was better for the rider’s seat and even had better switchgear and console the Yamaha rival.

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Yamaha was feeling commuterish before the KTM 250 Duke as the Austrian machine had a more powerful top end for highway advantage. He claimed 8.34 second sprint from 0-100 kmph while got around 30 kmpl from mixed riding. At last, he summarizes the ride by placing Yamaha at a good point for beginners while recommended deciding a budget before considering both the bikes. He wished if Yamaha could bring 5 more HP from the FZ25 to convince the performance loving riders. If price is not a bar, he recommends KTM 250 Duke to the riders.

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Yamaha FZ25 vs. KTM Duke 250 Comparison Video by Rahul Mazumder
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