Impeccably Restored Lambretta Scooter by the ‘The Royal Restorers’

The Royal Restorers will help Lambretta fans relive the history through their beautifully finished scooter from 1971. This machine speaks for itself and more than that, calls every vintage scooter lover to have a ride and replay their life through the old days of 1970s.

This typical Lambretta has been completely restored and can be successfully placed in a collection of vintage machines with utmost pride. The unique bodyline gets dual tone finish in excellent combination of White and Red.

Restored Lambretta Scooter
Restored Lambretta Scooter by the ‘The Royal Restorers’

The signature Lambretta side panels are removable from both sides, giving excellent contrast to the White center body and confirming the presence of Italian Vintage design before the rider.

The front and rear seats are replicas of each other while you will even notice the spare tyre placement in the unique Lambretta way. Front section of the scooter carries a huge fender while brand new tyres can be seen at both the ends. Scooter fans will even notice the extended foot area that is unique to this brand.


Carrying a reworked 150cc engine, the scooter is now in the hands of an owner in Pune. The Royal Restorers currently have 4 scooters with them, all standing in the same condition as the one seen here before restoration.

They will need around 30-45 days for the job and you could get your favorite Lambretta in the color of your choice. No hint for the pricing was given currently while one could directly interact with them for the pricing. It is undoubtedly the most beautiful vintage scooter ever.

For further inquires and pricing details, you can contact:

The Royal Restorers

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