Perfectly Restored Yamaha RX-Z by Saurav Guchhait (Havelock Island, AN)

Yamaha RX-Z was one among a limited number of options that ruled the Indian roads in late 90’s. The motorcycle came in different configurations, with the last selling model carrying a five-speed gearbox and disc brake. Earlier, RX-Z was available with a drum brake and four-speed gearbox in the country.

This story starts from the dedication of a boy (Saurav Guchhait) and his love for the machine, who even after living in Havelock Island, Andaman and Nicobar, restored his Yamaha RX-Z with careful planning. He transported every spare part from Chennai and without any proper mechanic help, stripped, painted and fixed the bike back to its present condition.

The images clicked before the restoration show how bad condition the motorcycle had in its initial days. The seat was torn, the frame was broken and even the front headlight fairing was missing from the package.

All the parts were removed and repainted to achieve the new motorcycle look, which further looked impressive with stock stickers. The engine was thoroughly cleaned and serviced before fitting it back on the frame. The front and rear suspension were cleaned, along with the restoration of wheels and use of better tires on the motorcycle.

Each part was painted in-house, adding a feel of personal touch for the owner in his bike. The dull maroon paint was replaced with striking red shade on the Yamaha RX-Z. The exhaust now comes with all black finish while belly pan reads Yamaha with matching graphics. Even the rear chrome grab rail was cleaned to create a perfectly restored example.

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As per the details provided by Saurav Rich, he spent around INR 70,000 on restoring the motorcycle. The engine powering this motorcycle is a 132cc, two-stroke unit, producing 14 Bhp at 7500 rpm and 12.25Nm at 6500 rpm. The motorcycle claims 125 kph of top speed and carries a 10.5-liter fuel tank. Most riders claim 40-45 kmpl of mileage from Yamaha RX-Z.

Yamaha RX-Z Restoration Photos

Perfectly Restored Yamaha RX-Z by Saurav Guchhait (Havelock Island, AN)
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