Restored Royal Enfield Fantabulus 175 by ‘The Royal Restorers’

The Royal Restorers are back with one more amazing restoration, this time bringing back an almost dead Royal Enfield Fantabulus 175 to life. The first thing that came in mind after hearing Royal Enfield must be a classic motorcycle but to the biggest surprise, it is one vintage scooter that was sold by the manufacturer in 1970’s.

The rare machine is mostly found in two conditions, almost junk or fully restored. As being a Royal Enfield, it was one of the heaviest scooter you may come across these days. When acquired from Delhi, the 1971 Fantabulus was in dead condition and needed genuine restoration to get itself back on the streets.

It took them 3 months to complete the process and final result is actually more astonishing than spotting a superbike in front of your eyes.

Every part now lays neat and well finished in light shade, keeping the vintage feel alive through the use of genuine parts and maximum use of original left over parts from the 1971 model.

It was sold for around INR 2 lakh to one collector in Pune and these examples are very rare to find in such neat conditions around the country.

When going through its junk condition, the parts were so badly rusted that they were removed and then transported in separate bags to the workshop. Royal Enfield Fantabulus 175 is powered by a 175cc, Villiers 2-stroke engine producing 7.5 BHP.

The biggest surprise was that it came with a self starter at that time. It was not that popular at that time but passing years and increase in value of RE brand helped the vintage scooter gain attention among others.

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The front section was recreated with the same Royal Enfield traditional headlight design. The Royal Restorers used the same dual tone paint scheme and large foot-board for that official Fantabulus feel.

It was fitted with 3 new same size tyres, a single perfect set, restored chrome fittings and the same classic car style pointed rear indicators.

Fantabulus 175 can support twin seats and huge rear luggage carrier for those who love riding their prized possession with pillion as well as some luggage.

This neat finishing and use of genuine parts make Fantabulus a great option for collectors who are looking for vintage Royal Enfield products. In case you are interested in buying a classic/retro scooter or bike, you can contact:

For further details and inquiries you can contact:

The Royal Restorers

Address: VPO Khera, Behind Khera
Power House, Jagadhri (Haryana)
Contact Person: Mr. Harnoor Singh
Phone: +91 78160 00016 | +91 73571 31313
Facebook Page | Instagram Page
[email protected]

Royal Enfield Fantabulus 175 (Before Restoration)

Restored Royal Enfield Fantabulus 175 by ‘The Royal Restorers’
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