Meet Royal Enfield Bullet Diesel (Restored 325cc Taurus)

Launched in 1993, the 325cc Royal Enfield Taurus (Bullet Diesel) motorcycle was specifically made for the Indian market in order to kerb the rising trend of fitting a custom diesel engine in the 350cc Bullet frame. Taurus was once a household name but soon vanished with the implementation of stricter emission norms in India.

Popularly known as Bullet Diesel, the Taurus looks almost the same as the standard Bullet model but has a different scene when its engine bay is considered. The fully-restored Royal Enfield Taurus from ParPin’s Garage not just looks clean but even carries the most neatly-arranged diesel engine. Looking at a closeup shot of its engine may create a false feeling of looking at a brand new engine.

ParPin’s Garage has used army green shade for all body components while the remaining parts are finished in black shade for a perfect contrast. In fact, the restoration and paint scheme makes it hard to guess that this bike used to exist a couple of decades back. The restorers have used three-spoke black alloy wheels in place of the stock spoke rims.

As the Taurus existed before the major change in Royal Enfield’s engine lineup, the left side brake layout makes it even more unique to ride. The Bullet Diesel used to feature a chrome exhaust while ParPin’s Garage has finished the same exhaust in matt black colour. The seat used here remains the same as the stock model of the 325cc Taurus.

Restored 325cc Royal Enfield Taurus Diesel

Royal Enfield’s 325cc diesel engine was good for just 6.5 HP at 3600 rpm of maximum power and 15 Nm at 2500 rpm of maximum torque. The brand used to claim around 70 kmpl of real-world mileage and this made Taurus the least fuel-consuming machine in its era. A few reports regarding the top speed state that it falls between 80-90 kmph.

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Royal Enfield is currently the oldest production motorcycle company and Bullet-inspired design seems to be the most familiar one of its time. Currently, the brand sells more than 50,000 units each month with Classic 350 as the best-selling model.

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Meet Royal Enfield Bullet Diesel (Restored 325cc Taurus)
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