Taking Your Bike to a Service Station? Here Are 10 Must Read Tips For You

10 Must Read Bike Service Tips: Getting your bike serviced is one such feeling that allows you to stay stress-free for the given period of time on that user manual. Most bikes are serviced at 3000 km while those with bigger engines enjoy longer 5000, 6000 or even 10,000 km service interval.

As most people are regular commuters with not much experience in motorcycling and related issues, these 10 tips can help them achieve ease of mind while their bike goes for periodic servicing.

10 Must Read Tips
Taking Your Bike to a Service Station? Here Are 10 Must Read Tips For You

10 Must Read Tips & Precautions

Before You Submit Your Bike to a Service Station

1. Always prefer authorized service center: Getting your bike serviced from authorized service center is the best way to keep things under control all the time. This makes record keeping easy and also keeps the warranty intact for the given period of time. Authorized service centers are most reliable options for new bikes while owners prefer local mechanics at a later stage.

2. Always prefer periodic maintenance: Moving ahead with owner manual recommended service interval is the best way to keep your bike healthy during your ownership experience. Periodic maintenance reduces chances of sudden failure as each part is inspected properly and required moving parts are changed at given time intervals. Consider last service date and kilometer reading simultaneously before planning your next service.

3. Check your vehicle for scratches & dents before going to the service stations: Before leaving your bike for service, do inspect it thoroughly for any scratch or dent. If something major is visible, the service center guys will note it down. When it comes to a dent or scratch after the service, you will be able to claim that once you have already checked everyone before submission.

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4. Always prefer a service center where job cards are used: Job cards are written proofs that you have selected or deleted certain options from the service list. They cannot overcharge you for things that were not done as job card is made before the work starts and everything is finalized. Also, you can cross check what jobs were performed on your bike.

5. Make a list of problems before going to a service station: If you know your bike is facing some issue from last few days, list it down before leaving for the service center. As minor tightening and cleaning jobs are already charged under the labor cost, you can ask them to fix other issues too under your service. They may charge additional labor cost for major jobs and repairs.

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6. Remove any costly and important stuff from your bike: Removing important accessories that follow plug and play principle is a must do the action before leaving your bike for service. This step is mostly followed by car owners in India but adventure bikes are actually available with certain accessories that can be removed before service. Do not leave anything important in the storage area.

7. Always take a ride with vehicle inspector if you are having some dynamic problems in your vehicle: Facing some problem with a noisy chain or rear wheel? Do have an inspection under your presence so that this issue is clearly sorted before the problem comes back again. This also helps in avoiding misuse of your bike.

8. Prefer the oil change in front of yourself: Oil change is the most important aspect of bike servicing and getting it done in your presence is highly recommended. This is even more important for owners who ride few kilometers in comparison to the directed service interval. You cannot trust anyone as anyone can assume that your bike will survive with same oil until next service.

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9. Never accept any replacement proposal blindly. Make sure whether it is really required or not: This is the easiest way of making money by certain service centers. They will assure you that life of a certain part is not more than what your component has lived and thus, we charge extra for changing the same in front of you. Research well if something feels fishy in such a case.

10. Ask for a tentative estimate before leaving your bike with the service center: As most service centers with job cards mention this on your gate pass, do cross check once as the job could take more time than expected. On the other side, it may also get completed soon due to lesser jobs on other cards. Some service centers even claim a guaranteed service completion timing.

Taking Your Bike to a Service Station? Here Are 10 Must Read Tips For You
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