300cc Bikes You Can Buy In India (2019 Price List)

300cc bikes in India are limited to several manufacturers only as the highest-selling bike brands focus on lightweight and entry-level options to get huge sales figures in the country. The options available in this particular segment have more than one variant and thus, price range can be seen for several popular products. TVS only brings the Apache RR 310 around this segment while Kawasaki offers Ninja 300 and Versys X300 for the buyers of 300cc bikes.

Kawasaki Ninja 300 (New)
Kawasaki Ninja 300 is the Best-Selling 2-Cylinder Bike in India

Yamaha R3 is available for INR 3,49,500 while BMW G310R and G310GS can be bought for INR 2.99 lakh and INR 3.49 lakh respectively. As Royal Enfield would have missed every segment with their 346cc displacement, we have included their bikes in this list for easy comparison with Jawa and UM products. The bikes from UM offer 20cc lower displacement than an ideal 300cc option. Benelli offers TNT 300 and 302R in this segment.

Honda CB300R
Honda CB300R is the Latest 300cc Bike in India

Honda has launched its much-awaited CB300R in India. Jawa bikes are available from INR 1.55 lakh while UM Renegade starts from INR 1.66 lakh. Mahindra Mojo can be bought in two different versions while Classic 350 offers a lot more shades than any other option. The Thunderbird included here counts the X variant in itself.

300cc Bikes in India

Ex-Showroom Price List

  1. TVS Apache RR 310: INR 2.23 lakh
  2. Honda CB300R: INR 2.41 lakh
  3. Kawasaki Ninja 300: INR 2.98 lakh
  4. Kawasaki Versys X300: INR 4.69 lakh
  5. Yamaha YZF-R3: INR 3.49 lakh
  6. BMW G310R: INR 2.99 lakh
  7. BMW G310GS: INR 3.49 lakh
  8. Benelli TNT300: INR 3.50 lakh
  9. Benelli 302R: INR 3.70 lakh
  10. UM Sports S: INR 1.66 lakh
  11. UM Commando: INR 1.83 lakh
  12. UM Commando Mojave: INR 1.83 lakh
  13. UM Classic Black: INR 2.01 lakh
  14. UM Classic Copper: INR 2.01 lakh
  15. Jawa 42 (1-Channel ABS): INR 1.55 lakh
  16. Jawa 42 (2-Channel ABS): INR 1.63 lakh
  17. Jawa 300 (1-Channel ABS): INR 1.64 lakh
  18. Jawa 300 (2-Channel ABS): INR 1.73 lakh
  19. Mahindra Mojo 300 UT: INR 1.50 lakh
  20. Mahindra Mojo 300 XT: INR 1.80 lakh
  21. RE Bullet 350: INR 1.34 lakh
  22. RE Bullet 350 ES: INR 1.38 lakh
  23. RE Classic 350 ABS: INR 1.53 lakh
  24. RE Classic 350 Redditch ABS: INR 1.53 lakh
  25. RE Classic 350 Gunmetal Grey ABS: INR 1.55 lakh
  26. RE Classic 350 Signals Edition ABS: INR 1.63 lakh
  27. RE Thunderbird 350 ABS: INR 1.56 lakh
  28. RE Thunderbird 350X ABS: INR 1.63 lakh
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300cc Bikes You Can Buy In India (2019 Price List)
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