99 Octane Petrol “Power 99” Launched in Mumbai @ INR 103 Per Litre

Indian supercar owners, especially those residing in Mumbai, had a moment of joy through Hindustan Petroleum’s Power 99 fuel launch in the city. This 99 Octane petrol is available for INR 103 per liter (approx.) and comes with the highest available rating of fuel in the country.

Before its arrival in Mumbai, the project was initially launched in Bangalore and Pune. Citing positive response from these cities, HPCL will now retail this 99 Octane petrol in Mumbai. They are planning to add more cities that have rising supercar and superbike count like Delhi, Gurgaon and Chandigarh. No time frame was announced.

99 Octane fuel has resistance to high compression ratios and thus, cars and bikes with class leading performance will definitely get the desired benefits. It not just reduces the chances of error within their system but also helps engine enjoy longer life.

99 Octane fuel comes without heavy metals and thus, helps in reduction of NO and CO output from a typical high performance engine. Before its availability, BPCL offered Speed 97 petrol with 97 Octane rating for supercars and superbikes. Regular fuel available at most filling stations carry 87 Octane while those termed Xtrapremium are 91 Octane.

99 Octane Petrol "Power 99" Launched
99 Octane Petrol “Power 99” Launched in Mumbai @ INR 103 Per Litre

This first jump carries price difference of around INR 2-3 while those with 97 rating will carry a huge difference. Advised fuel octane is mentioned whenever one buy a new product and if you are not sure which one is to be used for your car or bike, checking the same through its user manual is possible.

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Products from Lamborghini, Ferrari, Ducati, Harley and other premium product manufacturers do require higher Octane ratings as they produce a lot more power than commuter products. Delhi is presently using BS6 fuel while every other city in the country is supplied with BS4 compliant fuel.

99 Octane Petrol “Power 99” Launched in Mumbai @ INR 103 Per Litre
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