High-Performance Bajaj-KTM Electric Motorcycle in the Making

According to the recent reports, a high-performance Bajaj-KTM electric motorcycle is expected to be introduced in the Indian market in the near future. Both the brands are known to have a strong partnership for decades while bringing in a countless number of bikes in the automotive market. Their new alliance to work on an electric motorcycle will make them compete against the likes of other famous players in the electric motorcycle segment.

Since the Indian government has been hell-bent on promoting the use of electric bikes and other vehicles in India, Bajaj and KTM were highly likely to introduce an electric motorcycle in the future. Owing to 48% shares in the KTM brand, Bajaj’s plan in partnership with KTM to launch a new electric motorcycle will be different from its plan in the same segment. Both the parties may either agree to launch an electric motorcycle or an electric scooter while no official confirmation has been made on the same by either of them.

Apart from the few startups, Harley-Davidson is the brand that has made its intentions clear on the upcoming electric motorcycle range. The Harley-Davidson LiveWire has been in the news from the past few months while one can expect the brand to launch it in India shortly. Other brands taking the same initiative in India include Tork Motors, Emflux, Ather Energy and more.

One can expect the Bajaj-KTM electric motorcycle to get a claimed top speed of at least 150 kmph. If both the brands decide to work on individual products based on similar electric powertrain, we can expect the Bajaj’s version to be more affordable while the KTM version will be more powerful and will be priced on the higher side.

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Presently, Bajaj Dominar 400 is the flagship motorcycle from the brand that is highly cherished among the Indian audience. One can expect the electric motorcycle based on the treaty between Bajaj and KTM to be based on the same flagship or an all-new product with higher power and torque figures in comparison to the Dominar 400. In addition to this, Bajaj is also planning on launching an electric scooter under the Urbanite moniker in the coming months.

Note: Images of KTM FREERIDE E-XC Used for Representational Purpose Only.

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