500cc Bajaj Twinner Sportbike – Here’s What We Know So Far

Bajaj Auto, in partnership with Triumph Motorcycles, is working on a slew of premium motorcycles and, amidst this all, it has filed an application to get the trademark “Twinner”, which has been approved recently. Since “twinner” simply means “one who bears twins,” the assumption is that Bajaj will use the moniker for its upcoming mid-capacity, 2-cylinder motorcycles. Although the registration of nameplates does not guarantee an imminent launch, the company has recently filed for several trademarks, including “Fluor,” “Fluir,” and “Neuron.”

Besides, Bajaj is also in partnership with KTM to develop a line of twin-cylinder motorcycles with engine capacities ranging from 490cc to 650cc. The Austrian brand’s first 490cc model, the Duke, will make its global debut this year. The KTM 490 Adventure will soon jump on board, while the RC 490 is also in the works, as are enduro and supermoto bikes powered by the same engine. These motorcycles will be produced by Bajaj Auto in our country.

Later, Bajaj will use KTM’s 490cc engine to develop mid-capacity motorcycles for the Indian two-wheeler market. Therefore, Bajaj can use the “Twinner” moniker for the motorcycle with an output of around 50 HP. Meanwhile, the company has stepped up its electric vehicle game by establishing a framework for its new EV manufacturing plant in Akurdi, Maharashtra, near Pune. This facility will begin producing EVs later this year, with an initial annual production capacity of 50,000 EVs.

However, the trademark document suggests that the name has been proposed specifically for motorcycles and scooters, as there is no reference to electric vehicles in the certificate. It also needs to be mentioned here that these are only expectations. The official statement by the company will provide more details about the upcoming motorcycle.

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Rendered Image Source: Abin Designs | Trademark Image Source: Motorbeam