Bajaj Group Commits INR 100 Crore to Fight Coronavirus

The steps taken by the Indian Government to counter the spread of coronavirus are being widely practised across the nation. Even corporates are coming forward to help fight against the coronavirus which has affected the whole world. The Bajaj Group has recently announced INR 100 crore aid for the fight against coronavirus.

This great initiative by the Bajaj Group will surely play a vital role. The amount will be divided into various formats and it will be utilized for the welfare and well-being of the citizens of India. According to the company, a part of this amount will be used to support the up-gradation of key healthcare infrastructure in Pune. It will be spent on procuring equipment like ventilators, upgrading ICUs, personal protection items, enhancing testing and setting up isolation units in the government and few private hospitals.

Bajaj stated that a part of these funds will be used for the betterment of rural care and livelihood aid. It will also go for food and shelter to the daily wage workers and homeless families. The brand plans to support various initiatives on food supply, access to sanitation and healthcare. They are also working on creating awareness on COVID-19 and strengthening health infrastructure in rural areas.

Bajaj Group will be working with the Government along with a network of more than 200 NGO partners to ensure that these resources reach those who are needy. These are some difficult times and the company intends to make a positive difference towards society.

The step taken by the Bajaj Group will support the nation to tackle the difficult situations that have arisen due to coronavirus pandemic. The Prime Minister of India, Mr Narendra Modi also asked the state governments that under these circumstances their priority should be enhancing their medical facilities and their teams must be well-prepared for the worst scenario so that together we can break the chain of spreading this disease to others.

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