Bajaj Pulsar 220 FSB (Fastest Shooting Brake) Details and Photos

The Bajaj Pulsar, a bike that has captivated India’s youth since its inception, has been one of the favourites among the modifiers. People love to give it an all-new appearance according to their preference. One such instance is the modified Pulsar 220F by Renovatio Motor Works, which has customised the bike in such a stunning way that it looks absolutely different. They have named this handcrafted motorcycle the Pulsar 220 FSB (fastest shooting brake). Here we have the images and all the details for you.

To begin with the front fascia, the modifier has changed the headlamp to a 5.7-inch round headlight with inbuilt indicators, the new clip-on handlebar has been added with mounted rear mirrors, the front fender has also been shortened to give it a sportier look, and the stock saddle has been replaced with a handmade diamond-cut seat. In addition, the designer has painted the Pulsar 220F in a new blacked-out paint with blue pinstriping on the entire body.

Moving on to the rear end, we found that it has been completely customized, whether by removing the rear fender or by completely revamping the tail section, including the taillight. The tail light is now blacked out in smoke wrap to blend in with the vehicle’s black paint theme. Also, the stock exhaust has been replaced by an aftermarket sports exhaust with a gold-coloured bend pipe.

Moreover, the front and rear suspension have also been revised, and the front suspension is now thicker, while the rear now comprises a swingarm with a linkage Gabriel suspension system. For further inquiries and details, you can contact Renovatio Motor Works at [email protected]

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Meet Handbuilt Bajaj Pulsar 220 FSB

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