Bajaj Urbanite Electric Bike to Launch in India in 2020

If a recent report in the automotive industry is to be believed, Bajaj Urbanite would be the production name for first ever electric sub-brand from the Indian manufacturer. Launch frame for the brand is expected to start from 2020, first making an electric motorcycle and then moving on to an electric scooter with the same sort of drive-train.

Bajaj’s first preference will be for a premium motorcycle while later in the product development, they will enter the commuter market. Bajaj Auto has the potential to conquer the segment long before it grows and that will give them the same results as Pulsar’s of present day.

Electric vehicles have zero emissions and thus, environmentalist consider them to be the best thing ever to choose as your daily commute. If Bajaj goes this way, it can prove itself as the Tesla of two wheeler market.

Bajaj Urbanite
Bajaj Dominar’s Image Used For Representational Purpose Only

Getting an edge over the rivals not just need a good product as buyers will also look for ease of use through availability of charging stations and easy service. The upcoming products will need more user interactive consoles and that will take a lot of time from Bajaj Auto’s present plan of expansion of exports.

Hero MotoCorp and TVS Motors are also working on EVs for 2020. If everything goes right, they will focus first on the commuter market to capture the bigger chunk. Bajaj Auto, on the other hand, plans to bring electric three wheelers to dominate the mass commercial market.

Bajaj Auto is presently one of the largest manufacturers in India in terms of  sales. Pulsars are selling like hot cakes and Bajaj Auto will try embedding the electric motor under same sort of design for maximum benefits. Test mules for the same are yet to be spotted.

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Disclaimer: Bajaj Urbanite has not been revealed yet, we have used the image of Bajaj Dominar for representational purpose only. 

Bajaj Urbanite Electric Bike to Launch in India in 2020
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