New Bajaj Pulsar, Dominar, Avenger Coming by December

Bajaj to Launch New Bikes Under All 7 Brands by December

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A recent report from Bajaj Auto claims that they will launch one new Pulsar, Dominar and Avenger models within next six months. Before December 2017, a customer can expect all potential series to get a new variant or even replacement for the present variant.

Reason behind this development comes to be the fall in market share from 20 percent to 15 percent in the recent months. Bajaj Auto was the first manufacturer to shift from BS3 to BS4 compliant motorcycles, pushing them slightly behind due to huge discount offers by other manufacturers. They even witnessed the price hike much before all others in the industry.

Then came GST changes and all brands saw a decline for few more days in total sales. The lost market share can only be regained through new models as fans are eagerly waiting for an all new Pulsar and getting a new Dominar can revive its lost sales to some extent.

Avenger has not seen anything new except the change in shades from a long time. Fans are expecting a bigger 373cc Avenger 400 that could help them cruise with a little twist of throttle for even longer distances. To cover the other side, one should not forget that a change can even be as small as Avenger 150 Cruise for this series.

In an interview with Economic Times, Rajiv Bajaj said:

By December, we will launch new products under all our seven brands: CT, Platina, Discover, V , Avenger, Pulsar, Dominar. Our effort is to gain 6% market share -we have grown from 14-20%, we will move from 20-26% and we will do this by maintaining EBITDA.

Bajaj Pulsar NS200 Fi is the most expected Pulsar for the Indian market. Bajaj could even offer the same ABS unit as RS200 to the naked street fighter. The more capable technology can help fans enjoy the refinement of fuel injection and safety of ABS without the bulky fairing on it. Dominar 400 may show up with its most-discussed Scrambler form.

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Dominar Scrambler may carry dual purpose tyres, long travel suspension and much more accessories than the current generation motorcycle. Bajaj Auto currently has seven models on offer. All of them carry different variants under their name, ranging from 100cc in CT100 to 373cc in Dominar 400. Bajaj Auto’s most effective model, Pulsar, has more than seven variants under one brand name.

[Source: The Economic Times]