Post-GST DSK Benelli Price List

Benelli India recently updated their post GST price list, surprisingly bringing down the price for three instead of the two eligible products in its lineup. The entry level TNT 25 is now priced at INR 1.84 lakh, down by INR 1000 from the last effective price tag of INR 1.85 lakh in May 2017.

Their most affordable multiple cylinder motorcycle, TNT 300, saw a price drop of INR 2000, taking the effective price to INR 3.08 lakh in July 2017. Benelli TNT 600i is carrying a bigger engine than 350cc but still got itself INR 4000 off from the price tag. This surprise comes right after the boost in sales of rival Kawasaki Z650, the successor to one time rival ER-6N. Benelli TNT  600i is now priced at INR 5,78,000.

Benelli TNT 600i ABS

This is the only product that carries ABS in its name throughout the lineup. Price for Benelli TNT 600GT, 600GT(S), 899 and 1130 R remained the same as May 2017. Benelli seems to take that minor loss in their own share of profit to make customers happy after the GST roll-out.

TNT 1130R is priced at INR 11,86,000 while TNT 899 comes with a tag of INR 9,53,000. Both of them are missing from the official website. TNT 600GT is priced at INR 6.01 lakh while its accessory loaded version costs INR 36,000 over the standard version. The touring friendly motorcycle lacks ABS while shares the engine with TNT 600i ABS for all markets.

Benelli TNT 899

The 600cc, four cylinder engine is good for 83.90 BHP at 11500 rpm and 54.6 Nm at 10500 rpm. The engine comes mated to a 6-speed gearbox. Benelli has an impressive list of candidates in all segments, staying behind with nothing other than a more than expected price tag. They now have 25 dealerships in India.

Post-GST Ex-Showroom Delhi Price List

  • TNT 25 – INR 1,84,000
  • TNT 300 – INR 3,08,000
  • TNT 600i ABS – INR 5,78,000
  • TNT 600GT – INR 6,01,000
  • TNT 60GT (S) – INR 6,37,000
  • TNT 899 – INR 9,53,000
  • TNT 11390 R – INR 11,86,000

Post-GST On-Road Delhi Price List

  • TNT 25 – INR 2,23,000
  • TNT 300 – INR 3,63,500
  • TNT 600i ABS – INR 6,72,700
  • TNT 600GT – INR 6,97,500
  • TNT 60GT (S) – INR 7,37,500
  • TNT 899 – INR 11,05,000
  • TNT 11390 R – INR 13,69,000

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