Top 10 Bikes in India (July 2018)

Top 10 Best-Selling Bikes in India (Sales Report): Hero Splendor is the best selling Indian bike, claiming 2,60,865 buyers in July 2018 and proving its worth against almost two dozen commuter motorcycles in India. It fears no other as numbers are practically incomparable with Bajaj, TVS and Honda bikes. Hero’s very own HF Deluxe is a true challenger, bringing 1,83,694 units in a single month and slowly approaching Splendor with every passing month. Earlier, it was seen in the five-digit group. HF Deluxe is basically a redesigned Splendor and thus, buying any one of them will offer you the same number of features and goodies.

2018 Hero Splendor
2018 Hero Splendor

HF Deluxe is priced at INR 46,950 for the alloy wheel and electric start variant while same features on Splendor Plus will cost you INR 51,400. The extra INR 4,450 offers nothing additional and thus, buyers are shifting accordingly. The third position goes to Hero Passion with 88,354 units, followed by Honda CB Shine with a small gap and 86,160 buyers in July 2018. Bajaj CT100 had a considerable number of gains with 76,776 units in these 31 days. The success story is an after effect of Bajaj’s Hattrick offer, with buyers getting extended warranty and free insurance till 31st August.

2018 Honda CB Shine SP
2018 Honda CB Shine SP

Hero Glamour stood sixth with 74,553 units while Bajaj Pulsar got a respectable 63,388 units sales number in July 2018. Royal Enfield Classic 350 saw a downfall in sales with 44,054 units only. Generally, the most expensive bike on this list crosses the 50,000 unit milestone. Bajaj Platina, another gainer from the Hattrick offer, scored 40,074 units in July 2018. TVS Apache stays more or less static with 32,973 units. The 10 best selling bikes in India are more commuter focused with a large number of buyers preferring base variants from Pulsar and Apache series.

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Top 10 Best-Selling Bikes in India

Sales Report (July 2018)

  1. Hero Splendor: 2,60,865 units
  2. Hero HF Deluxe: 1,83,694 units
  3. Hero Passion: 88,354 units
  4. Honda CB Shine: 86,160 units
  5. Bajaj CT100: 76,776 units
  6. Hero Glamour: 74,553 units
  7. Bajaj Pulsar: 63,388 units
  8. Royal Enfield Classic 350: 44,054 units
  9. Bajaj Platina: 40,074 units
  10. TVS Apache: 32,973 units
Top 10 Bikes in India (July 2018)
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