Sales Report: Top 10 Scooters in India (August 2018)

The list of top 10 best-selling scooters in August 2018 is clearly dominated by Honda Activa with 3,10,851 units. The number is bigger than remaining 9 products on this list, showing why calling any gearless product Activa is a common practice in India. The huge sales number is challenged by TVS Jupiter, scoring the second position with 79,223 units and fetching a large share for the brand in total numbers. Suzuki Access is the third best selling product with 48,436 units. The premium 125cc offering is well priced and superbly designed to address the audience of all age groups.

Honda Activa 5G

Honda Dio, the sporty scooter with headlight studded in its lower body, got 39,068 units in August 2018. Hero Maestro (31,691 units) marks the entry of the highest selling Indian brand into the scooter segment, indicating their weak point of not getting the same charming numbers as they have in the motorcycling segment. Hero Duet stood sixth and got 22,036 units for itself in the same month. Yamaha Fascino comes next with 20,576 units while premium TVS Ntorq 125 scores the eighth position with 18,024 units. The fall in numbers is drastic here while the trend is different for motorcycles.

Hero Pleasure scored 17,912 units in August 2018 while Honda Grazia followed close with 15,375 units in the same month. The pattern of brand-wise sales in scooters and bikes is completely different. Apart from the fact that Honda participates equally in both lists, other brands have to struggle a lot before getting a respectable total sales number in any given month. The last quarter of 2018 will bring the highest registered numbers ever, all thanks to the festive enthusiasm among buyers to own new products and make considerable purchases that were planned earlier in the year.

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Best-Selling Scooters in India

Sales Report (August 2018)

  1. Honda Activa: 3,10,851 units
  2. TVS Jupiter: 79,223 units
  3. Suzuki Access: 48,436 units
  4. Honda Dio: 39,068 units
  5. Hero Maestro: 31,691 units
  6. Hero Duet: 22,036 units
  7. Yamaha Fascino: 20,576 units
  8. TVS Ntorq: 18,024 units
  9. Hero Pleasure: 17,912 units
  10. Honda Grazia: 15,375 units
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