BMW G310RR Instrument Console and Graphics Unleashed!

New information on the BMW G310RR is making its way around, ahead of its July 15 unveiling. Earlier teasers from the brand claimed that the bike would have a completely adjustable suspension. However, the teaser suggests the lack of adjustable front suspension. Maybe BMW is planning to provide multiple variants, one with and one without adjustable suspension. 

An earlier teaser featured movable knobs on the fork tips, which are like those found on the TVS Apache RR310 BTO. They may also include other features available with the RR310 BTO as standard with the G310RR. This will serve as a point of uniqueness and will help to justify the G310RR’s premium profile and pricing. The suspension will most likely be the same as on the Apache RR310 BTO.

The foot pegs on the G310RR look to be the same as those found on the original RR310. The RR310 Race Kit has race-designed foot pegs that boost grip and stability when turning. It also includes an elevated footrest assembly that allows for faster corner speeds and a larger lean angle. These components may not come standard with the G310RR.

A 312.2cc liquid-cooled, reverse inclined motor which is paired to a 6-speed transmission will power the BMW G310RR. It has a maximum power output of 34 PS at 9,700rpm and a max torque output of 27.3 Nm at 7,700rpm. In contrast to the Apache RR310, which features Michelin Road 5 tyres, BMW has chosen Michelin Pilot Sport rubber for the G310RR. Another distinction is the use of conventional disc brakes as opposed to petal discs on the Apache RR310. 

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The instrument cluster is the same as on the Apache, but with BMW Motorrad graphics. As of now, the teaser reveals two colour options; Factory White-Blue-Red, and Black. Pre-orders have begun on a completely new website dedicated solely to the G310RR from BMW.