BMW-Motorrad Introduces Fit-for-All Bluetooth Communication System

BMW-Motorrad has introduced a Bluetooth communication system for the riders that can be installed directly onto the helmets in order to provide communication against a closed group of riders. The Bluetooth device can be installed on every category of the BMW helmets offered by the brand in addition to the other brand’s helmets.

It is one of the most useful devices launched by the brand for keeping the communication alive in a group of riders that are maximum 300 metres apart. The communication device allows a maximum of 6 riders to establish communication while riding.

BMW-Motorrad has also introduced an application that allows the riders to connect via the Bluetooth device up to a distance of 2 kilometres if the weather conditions are appropriate. The public mode on the connecting device allows the riders to connect with more than 6 other riders on along the way.

In addition to establishing a communication link between the riders, the Bluetooth device allows the rider to attend phone calls, listen to the music as well as listen to the navigation updates. The device can be mounted on the left side of the helmet while the high-quality material used to make up the device further allows it to be UV resistant. The Bluetooth device offered by BMW-Motorrad is waterproof and can be used in harsh weather conditions as well.

The Bluetooth communication system gets a combination of buttons that are used to connect it to the intercom while the volume up and down buttons helps manage the music and communication. The device packs a battery of 560mAh that offers an operation time of a maximum of 8 hours in a single charge.

The Bluetooth module features automatic noise suppression, clear music playback as well as high speech quality for clear audio operations. BMW is yet to confirm the official price tag of the Bluetooth device though, the product is already listed on a few online stores for $199 (INR 13,800).

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