BMW Motorrad Vision DC Roadster Officially Revealed

BMW entered the electric scooter market in 2014 with BMW C Evolution. The electric maxi-scooter has one of the most unique designs that combine sustainability, agility and comfort, all at their best. Though the brand didn’t look much into the future of the electric vehicles at that time, things look positive with the unveiling of the Vision DC Roadster concept at BMW’s NextGen event in Munich, Germany.

BMW has revolutionized the electric and hybrid car markets with the introduction of its i-series though, the brand is yet to create history in the electric motorcycle segment. The central block of the BMW Vision DC Roadster is based on the design language of the BMW Boxer Twin. Coming to the core, the twin cylinder engine has been replaced by a battery box which is embedded in between the cooling elements on either side, offering the electric motorcycle their signature Boxer profile.

Though there is no gas tank at the centre, the design of the arches does offer it a faux gas chamber look. The use of several intricate arches on the aluminium and carbon fibre frame has been made to give the Vision DC Roadster a similar profile with the Boxer and at the same time keeping the weight low.

A low maintenance shaft-drive has been used to draw power at the back while the upward-floating saddle gives the bike an aerodynamic stance with an overall edge look pointing forward. The premium stance has been kept alive with the use of all-LED headlight and tail-light. In addition to this, the brand has also introduced the concept of smart gear for the same. The gear has been enthused with intricate lighting, hidden protectors and it also gets connectivity traits.

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The brand has also unveiled the concept of a magnetic rucksack that can be easily snapped to the vest without having to move several limbs. Though the BMW Vision DC Roadster concept is just an imagination, it is safe to say the brand is looking ahead in the game when it comes to revolutionizing the electric motorcycle market.

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BMW Motorrad Vision DC Roadster Officially Revealed
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