BMW S1000RR Rider Jailed for Speeding Over 290 kmph

Outsmarting England Police is rather hard but Paul Whyatt, of Thorney, Cambridgeshire, a BMW S1000RR rider did it quite well for some time but has been recently bought under the book and is imprisoned for 2.5 years considering the felony he did by speeding over 290 kmph mark over the street on his S1000RR and even messing with the number plates.

He was being quite clever by using some number plate of a car in Cambridge and escaping his arrest several times and enjoying the thrill this motorcycle of his provides without giving any heed on the speed limit. The gym owner, was in another speeding incident at Thorney and was using his own number plate that led to his arrest after police traced it to his home on Wisbech Road.

He argued above the county judge that someone from his gym was testing the bike and its limit which was indeed false considering the investigation and CCTV footage. The CCTV footage proved it was Whyatt himself wearing the same clothing as the speeding biker and it was also the same rucksack that he carried that matched earlier footage.

He was also carrying a knife carelessly in his bag though it was intended for any harm or not is not specified. He has been charged with the over-speeding felony and has to spent 14 months for dangerous driving in the county jail and 14 months for justice with 2 more months for carrying a knife carelessly. So, enjoy the thrill of BMW S1000RR but within the speed limits and stay safe.

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