5 Interesting Facts About BMW HP4 Race Superbike

BMW recently launched the HP4 Race in India for INR 85 lakh. The German manufacturer is known for its reliable machines that perform extensively well in the toughest possible circumstances. If you are a fan of high-performance motorcycles with a unique approach, these five must know facts for BMW HP4 Race will blow away your mind.

5 Interesting Facts About BMW HP4 Race

1) Featherweight Frame and Body

HP4 Race measures 2070mm in length, 777mm in width and 1193mm in height. These dimensions match to almost entire SuperSport category racers available around the world. What’s astonishing here is that HP4 Race weighs just 146kg (dry) and adds 25.4kg to take on any challenge. This added weight includes 17.5-litres of fuel, tipping the scale at 171.4kg. For comparison, a motorcycle producing the same amount of power weighs around 200kg. You get KTM RC 390’s weight with a litre-class engine under the fairing.

2) Powerful Engine / Premium Inner Components

BMW HP4 Race comes with a 999cc, inline-4 engine, producing 215HP at 13,900 rpm and 120Nm at 10,000 rpm. The engine comes mated to a 6-speed, anti-hopping clutch with straight cut gears. What makes HP Race even more special is the use of racing camshafts, four titanium valves, and Pankl connecting rod. The engine comes with electronic racing injection and full titanium WSBK racing exhaust.

3) Engine Life / Replacement Interval

If you feel that buying this INR 85 lakh motorcycle will be the only expense, this track bike has a different story. The engine requires rebuilding (not to be confused with servicing) after a 5000km interval. The cost of rebuilding is so high that BMW recommends buying a new engine for 15,000 euros (INR 12 lakh approx). The value seen here is without import tax. The high price makes every kilometre highly expensive to ride.

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4) Most Expensive Motorcycle

At INR 85 lakh, BMW HP4 Race is the most expensive motorcycle in India that you can buy from a dealership. Earlier, this record was held by Kawasaki Ninja H2R at INR 72 lakh. As both these bikes are track legal only, no extra registration charge will be applicable to both of them. In fact, you will need a towing vehicle to carry the same around different tracks or hire a professional service occasionally.

5) Missing Parts

Those who are new to track bikes, you will be amazed to see no headlight, tail light, indicators, number plates or rear mudguard on the bike. All these are not available on track bikes to keep their overall weight lower. A rear seat cowl saves additional weight by replacing the pillion seat. Above all, the frame and wheels on BMW HP4 Race are made out of carbon fibre, giving them additional strength and agility, in comparison to other track spec bikes with road legal properties.

5 Interesting Facts About BMW HP4 Race Superbike
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