BS3 | BS4 | AHO – All You Need to Know About

There has been a lot of confusion between potential buyers regarding the BS3/BS4 emission norms. Even the simple all-time headlight on (AHO) has been projected as a big disaster in the automotive industry. AHO has no relation to BS4 and can be counted as an independent safety feature. Government made it mandatory for automakers to keep the headlights on because it can avoid accidents that happen in rough weather or low light conditions. This was one independent criteria which now make Indian bikes road legal from April 1, 2017. Please note that the bikes sold before April 1 has no such restrictions and are fully legal in all ways.


BS3 | BS4 | AHO – All You Need to Know About

Then comes the famous BS3 (Bharat Stage 3) and BS4 (Bharat Stage 4) debate.These emission norms have been in place since 1991 and changing according to the need of time. India is currently a BS3 based industry that will see a shift to BS4 from April 1, 2017. BS3 and BS4 actually clears that how much emissions the vehicle can emit. BS3 will emit more nitrogen and other compounds while BS4 norms restrict the amount of gases from the exhaust. The value for BS3 was 1gm/km while BS4 had 0.75 g/km within the same conditions. All it takes it better equipment and BS3 engine can be converted to BS4 in the production line. There are many rumors about this facts everywhere.


Almost All Brands Offered Massive Discounts on Bikes & Scooters

Here is the List of Offers & Discounts – Heavy Discounts on BS3 Vehicles

Firstly, no one will call your vehicle illegal or fine you for driving a BS3 vehicle after 31st March 2017 if you have valid documents with you. You can freely drive your scooter or bike that was bought on last few days in the same way as the ones who bought it a month earlier. The only regulation that has been passed is that dealerships would not be able to sell or display any vehicle that is not BS4 compliant. This means that it is Honda or Yamaha’s problem that how they clear the stock but the Indian buyers has no point to worry of he/she buy Honda Navi at even half the price. Just keep a check that all the documents carry the date of purchase before 1 April 2017.

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Sale of BS3 Vehicles Won’t be Legal starting from April 1

There are benefits and even losses of buying both BS3 and BS4 products and none can be called inferior to the another. First, when it comes to BS3 vehicles, they only loss you get is that you are buying a vehicle with more emissions. But you can simply forget because if you don’t buy that, somebody from some other country will buy the same when the company exports the motorcycle to another market. The benefits are huge and cannot be compared to the loss as you can buy your dream bike at mouth watering discounts. Not everyday you get a chance to buy a motorcycle worth INR 1 lakh in just INR 60,000. The same applies to scooters also.


Ducati was offering Rs 2.50 lakh discount on the Monster 821!

BS4 bikes are environment friendly and carry the independent safety feature AHO. Once you cross the March 31 deadline, all products will be BS4 compliant and carrying the always on headlight (AHO). Apart from these benefits, the vehicles will have some disadvantages too. The always on headlight will consume more energy while the non-availability of switch will not let you turn that thing off. That will even affect the life of vehicles battery and the frame that reflects the light from the bulb. The heat produced from the same would also be harmful for the environment. When not considering, these factors BS4 vehicles are emitting less for a better future.


All-time Headlight On (AHO) is Now Mandatory for all Bikes & Scooters 

Simply, it is to be seen that how these things impact the industry in the coming months. You are not in any way bound to go for a BS4 vehicle on 31 March 2017 and can safely enjoy the discount being given by various dealerships. But remember, buying a BS3 would not be legal in any way from April 1, 2017. Always wear a helmet while driving and please don’t worry about your BS3 compliant motorcycle or scooter that was brought before April 1, 2017. It’s definitely legal!