Carberry Double Barrel 1000cc Engine Launched @ INR 4,96,000

Carberry recently launched a 1000cc, V-twin engine in India for INR 4.96 lakh (ex-factory). The powerful motor is good for around 52.2 HP and 82 Nm of massive torque. The Carberry package includes primary drive and 5-speed gearbox with this locally produced engine.

Update: Carberry Double Barrel 1000 Launched in India @ INR 7.35 Lakh | Know More

Company claims the engine to be in running order before packing while a full-fledged motorcycle based on the same will soon follow later into the Indian market. This 1000cc V-Twin is one great thing for custom motorcycle builders as they could choose a variety of frame options and body types (Scrambler, Cruiser, Chopper etc) to suit customer’s personality.

Placed at a premium point, this tune of 1000cc V-twin is calculated with a carburetor on board. Carberry used a 7-plate clutch, heavy crankshaft and strengthened primary chain for the new engine. Apart from that, they have used twice the bearing capacity than a single cylinder engine, hydraulic lifters, 3.7 liter oil capacity and magnetic sump plugs for this engine.

You even get one oil pressure gauge from Carberry with this setup. Most importantly, Carberry does not include the cost of exhaust in their INR 4.96 lakh package. This price excludes freight, handling charge and all other taxes on the engine. Delivery period will vary between 4-7 months.

A buyers should deposit 50% of amount at the time of booking while rest 50% will be required on the delivery date. Most buyers will consider this engine perfect for a custom Royal Enfield but their are even more possibilities than just a cruiser from this engine. One can go for Street Twin style motorcycle or even create a custom Scrambler with high end off-road parts.

The price after taxes will go up considerably and thus, fans start equating the worth of products above INR 5 lakh with existing stock products like Harley Davidson Street 750 and Triumph Street Twin. Let’s wait and see how Carberry deals with this challenging situation in the coming days.

Key Details About Carberry 1000cc Engine

  • 1000cc, with an estimated power of : 52.2 HP 82 Nm [Carburetted Version]
  • 7 plate clutch and high strengthened primary chain
  • 5 speed gearbox
  • Hydraulic lifters
  • Heavy crankshaft
  • Roller big end bearings
  • Double the main bearing capacity of the single cylinder
  • A heavy duty starter motor and sprag clutch designed for a 2 liter car engine
  • Lifters and oil pumps run in their own housings protecting the engine cases from wear and damage
  • A large 3.7 liter oil capacity filtered through a external spin on oil filter and pumped at 10 times the capacity of the single
    Oil pressure gauge
  • Because of successful R&D the power is delivered smoothly with minimal vibration
  • Linear power delivery throughout the rev range
  • Magnetic sump plugs
  • Old school design appropriated for custom builds
  • Readily available parts
  • Engine Price: Rs 4,96,000 (ex-factory)

Specifications Source: Carberry Facebook

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