All-New CFMoto NK-C22 Streetfighter Makes Official Debut

The next generation NK will mark the next step in the Chinese manufacturer’s metamorphosis into a distinct brand capable of competing with Western brands on its own soil.

While the CL-X, MT and SR represent new lines for CFMoto, the NK has been a mainstay in the lineup for several years, when the brand itself was known as WK (White Knuckle).

The strikingly looking NK-C22 concept was unveiled at CFMoto’s Fall Strategy Conference and announced with the news that it will be one of ten new models to be launched over the next 12 months. Four of them run on electricity. Decorated in low-profile black with red and grey inserts, the NK-C22 follows a similar theme to the SR-C21 – CFMoto’s first concept – unveiled a year ago and later became the 450SR sports bike.

Seeming to be inspired by the MV Agusta Brutale in some respects, most notably with its twin SC-Project bluff tailpipes, the NK-C22 represents a dramatic turnaround for CFMoto and is far more eye-catching than the current NK.

The sleek sculpted front is dominated by a small diamond-shaped centre headlight, flanked by a tapered Y-shaped LED arrangement leading to a thick fairing and prominent bison-humped fuel tank. The look is completed with fan-blade style hubcaps that resemble the Brutale.

No details have been confirmed as to what’s under the skin, but the NK, like other models in the CFMoto range, will likely be based on a KTM platform, most likely the Duke. The current NK is available in 300 and 650 versions, but based on what CFMoto is now available, that could mean the model will receive the SR’s 450cc twin or go up to 800cc like the MT ADV.

Whether the final version of NK will remain faithful to the concept remains to be seen. Indeed, last year’s SR-C21 was similarly praised for its aggressive design and high-end accessories, but the final production version of the 450SR has been significantly toned down.