Curtiss Motorcycles Unveils Warhawk Cruiser for $105,000 (INR 68 Lakh)

Confederate Motors had already changed their name to Curtiss Motorcycle Company and Warhawk is their last product to carry the iconic V-Twin engine from CMC. The brand is moving towards clean future and that can only be attained through the use of cleaner power source for their motorcycles.

Curtiss Warhawk is extremely powerful and each part used here shows the exclusive approach of this brand toward their customers. Warhawk is powered by an oil cooled, 2163cc V-Twin engine producing 150 HP at 5100 rpm and 217 Nm at 2000 rpm. This simply beats any other machine around its segment.

Curtiss Motorcycles Unveils Warhawk Cruiser
Curtiss Motorcycles Unveils New Cruiser for $105,000 (INR 68.18 Lakh)

Priced from $1,05,000 (INR 68 lakh approx, without duties), Warhawk will be made for just 35 owners. After production ends for Warhawk, Curtiss Motorcycle Company will close its internal combustion engine department forever. This cruiser comes equipped with a 5-speed gearbox and claims 265 kmph of top speed.

Warhawk weighs 258.5 kg as its frame is completely machined out of 6061-T6 aluminum block. The chain driven machine gets fuel injection through S&S 51mm twin throttle bodies. Buyers would love to see the motorcycle riding on 18 inch carbon fiber wheels with 160mm front and 180mm rear tyre.

Carrying forward the tradition in unique designing, Warhawk gets 16.25 liter transparent fuel tank under its rider seat. Race spec mono-shocks are used for suspension duties at both ends while braking is handled by smaller than usual 230mm disc brake on the front wheel and 240mm disc brake on the rear wheel.

As the brand has decided to move over from petrol powered engines, it would be an amazing feat to see what they have in town for the alternate power source. Electric mobility is a clear solution to increasing pollution and by next few years, almost every manufacturer will shift research and development in this field for brand survival.

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