Ducati’s Mystery Product for EICMA Teased

Ducati recently teased a super exclusive product, said to be available on display at the EICMA 2016. The same is expected to stay limited to a certain number while Motociclismo claims that invites to select customers have already been sent. Named the Project 1408, the product is expected to bring the same charm brought earlier by Superleggera.

The engine displacement is still unknown while it will be a twin cylinder motor for sure. It includes several first in class features like carbon fiber swing arm, frame and wheels. The first two saves around 3.9 kg of weight from the bike while lighter rotating parts like wheels offer even more advantages over heavy rims.

At this moment, it is not sure to say that whether it would be a 1299 Panigale based motorcycle or a completely new competitor with an even bigger engine. The code names of Ducati are mostly based on the time in between the development and its launch while the most interesting part would be its Super Exclusive nature.

Screenshots from the Ducati 1408 official website

ducati-eicma-b ducati-eicma-c ducati-eicma-d

Ducati’s Mystery Product for EICMA Teased

Ducati’s Mystery Product for EICMA Teased
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