Harley-Davidson Confirms Electric Motorcycle

Harley-Davidson is preparing an electric product and their ‘100 motorcycles in next decade’ plan would definitely have a lot of them. Project Livewire went popular once but has been under the shadow from a long time.

The motorcycle is undoubtedly an amazing option for the future as it can replace the entry level models and bring considerable amount of power through it’s Eco-friendly motor. Harley Davidson has officially announced the involvement in electric motorcycles while they are currently not into the league of autonomous vehicles.


The launch plans for the same is currently away but the confirmed fact states that the project is alive and working well for itself. The battery powered Livewire is good for 74 BHP and 70 Nm of torque. It rides on 18 inch front and 17 inch rear wheel.

The claimed top speed for the same is 148 kmph while improvements in power are expected from Harley Davidson. The future is in renewable sources of energy and understanding the fact soon can help most brands survive the next change in trends of the automotive industry.


Harley-Davidson is also working on the note that their electric bike would produce to keep the company’s legacy alive. They have left most things on the needs of their customers and autonomous features is even one of them. The futuristic design of Livewire makes it even more tempting for the company’s lineup.

Harley-Davidson Livewire will use LED lights for least consumption while other technologies will even get into work to save the most out of that restricted battery size. Availability of superchargers around the cities could even boost the demand of electric motorcycles.

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Harley-Davidson Confirms Electric Motorcycle
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