Harley-Davidson Recalls 2.51 Lakh Motorcycles to Rectify Brake Failure

Harley Davidson has issued a recall for 2.51 lakh bikes that were manufactured between 2008 and 2011. They explain how deposits formed within the brake system can result in total brake failure if DOT 4 brake fluid has not been changed regularly after their 2 year program is over.

Engineers will completely flush out the brake fluid and refill the same after inspecting the overall situation. The exercise will be carried out free of cost and service centers will contact the affected users through their registered phone numbers. Harley dealerships of India will also see into this as CVO Limited and V-Rod were sold in India during this period.

They have recently updated the complete lineup of bikes in India for 2018. This includes popular models like Fat Boy and Fat Bob, now selling again in good numbers after the update. Harley Davidson India operates through their independently owned dealerships and offers bikes ranging from Street 750 to CVO Limited.

Brake Failure
Harley-Davidson Recalls 2.51 Lakh Motorcycles to Rectify Brake Failure

Apart from their United States based manufacturing plants, Harley India’s Haryana based facility is the only manufacturing unit in the world. Here, they specifically manufacture bikes from Street range named Street 500 and Street 750.

These entry level products are then shipped all over to the world. Import duties on products imported from US are quite high while locally manufactured Street 750 is priced effectively in India. Recently, the reduction of excise duty from 75% to 50% will help them place their 2018 products at a better place.

Indian buyers still pay a lot more than what US buyers pay for a typical Harley bike. Even after such trade complications, Harley Davidson is India’s highest selling big bike brand from last few years. They have a niche fan following for their impressively built cruisers all over the country.

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