Hero MotoCorp Replacing Faulty ABS of XPulse 200

According to recent reports, Hero MotoCorp has decided to replace the faulty ABS of the XPulse 200 adventure motorcycle. Many owners of the bike have complained to the brand about ABS not working properly.

The motorcycle has been equipped with a 276mm disc brake at the front while the rear has been equipped with a 220mm disc. The brand has equipped the motorcycle with a single-channel ABS as standard. The Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) can offer better safety to the rider at the time of applying brakes though the faulty system can lead to various adversities.

According to motorcycle owners, whenever the motorcycle encounters a pothole, the ABS is activated which further locks the front brake lever for 2-3 seconds. As the rider is not allowed to operate the front brake during the short period of time, the motorcycle could crash into other vehicles and cause accidents.

Since the motorcycle is equipped with a single-channel ABS, the rider is capable of using the rear brake as required though the panic might create some issues. In addition to this, the rear wheel of the motorcycle might skid and cause the rider to crash with the vehicles ahead.

Apart from the faulty ABS, the Hero XPulse 200 is also facing issues with the harsh engine noises which have also been reported to the brand by its owners. The brand has advised the owners to get the faulty ABS replaced though there has been no official statement offered by the brand as of yet.

Since the auto manufacturers have temporarily shut down their operations in the light of the recent coronavirus pandemic, the replacement of the faulty ABS on the Hero XPulse 200 is expected to take place once the things settle down in the country and when everything would be back to normal.

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