Hero MotoCorp Discontinues 3 Bikes in India


Hero MotoCorp Discontinues 3 Bikes in India

Hero recently discontinued three motorcycles from its 2017 lineup. The changes can be seen on the official website where Splendor Pro Classic, HF Dawn and Splendor iSmart are missing from the list. The reshuffled line of vehicles will even see more changes in the coming days as many other products are rumored to be discontinued in the coming days.


Hero Splendor Pro Cafe Racer

Some products like HF Deluxe and Splendor+ are even listed with and without i3S on the website. They may soon bring a bigger revision and clean out the products that are not available with the dealers. Some reports even suggest that Hero has discontinued the Karizma R, Karizma ZMR, and Hunk in India, but these 3 bikes have not been removed the official website yet.


Hero Splendor iSmart

One recent change also includes the entry of 2017 Glamour on the Indian website. The price for Fi variant (INR 68,580) is even available and can easily put their own Achiever 150 (INR 63,730) to shame. Hero Xtreme is still listed on the website while many reports believe that Xtreme (not to be confused with Xtreme Sports) was discontinued few months back while production of Karizma has even came to a halt. Passion xPro uses a Honda sourced engine and may soon leave the lineup to get rid from royalties.


Hero HF Dawn

Hero’s major volume generators include Splendor, HF Deluxe and Passion. Glamour is even a highest selling motorcycle but its new version is yet to be receive the same treatment as the older one. The rise in prices of the new version could see a fall in its sales. When it comes to scooters, Hero has Maestro Edge, Duet and Pleasure in its lineup. The former is the highest selling scooter with a modern design and long list of features. Hero MotoCorp is expected to make a deal with VW regarding the Ducati brand, helping them improve their image worldwide.

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Hero MotoCorp Discontinues 3 Bikes in India
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