Honda CB350 Highness Now Compatible With Apple iPhone

The Honda H’ness CB350 was made available to Indian buyers in 2020, intending to take on the segment-leading Royal Enfield Classic 350. Honda offered the CB350 with a load of features and specifications and later introduced a sporty CB 350 RS version to attract a younger audience. With the latest iOS compatibility, it will bring the bike to the notice of Apple iPhone owners looking for a bike with retro appeal.

The CB350 was already compatible with Android Auto. The Honda Smartphone Voice Command (HSVC) system will now pair with the smartphone via Bluetooth and display information like calls, messages, and navigation on the instrument console, and vice versa, it will provide functions to the smartphone to access various information regarding the bike as well.

Nothing has changed in the Honda CB350’s design, style, performance, or safety. It is the same bike it was before the iOS compatibility addition. The Bluetooth connectivity is only available with the DLX Pro and Anniversary Edition variants, and not with the standard DLX version. The ex-showroom price of the Honda H’ness CB350 starts at around Rs 1.90 lakh and goes up to approximately Rs 2.05 lakh for the Anniversary Edition.

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