Honda Working on Adjustable Riding Position Technology

Honda has filed a series of patents in Japan for a new technology that will allow the rider to adjust the riding position of the motorcycle. The new system will offer two riding positions for the same motorcycle, an aggressive riding position as well as a relaxed riding mode. Honda is the second company to come up with this plan after Yamaha though, the latter was unsuccessful in its quest. The technology designed by Honda does look promising and has a simpler design which can be used for commercial motorcycles in the future.

Adjustable Riding Position Technology
Honda Files Patent for Adjustable Riding Position Technology for Bikes

The patent images show Honda CBR1000RR and exhibit a system that adjusts the handlebar as well as the windscreen. Extended tubes that run parallel with the fork legs are attached to the handlebars that allow them to rise to an extended position from the normal height. The system will feature a single button actuator for automatically adjusting the handlebar.

Similarly, the windscreen of the motorcycle can be adjusted via the same mechanism. Also, the multiple rivet points on the windscreen allow it to move backwards and forward in addition to the conventional up and down positions.

Both the windscreen and the handlebar are attached to the same controller making them adjustable with the single button simultaneously. The scissor style frame allows the rider to move the windscreen upward and in a vertical position so as to get a relaxed riding mode for touring long distances.

According to the reports, if the brand gets the patent, they are most likely to introduce the technology on the Honda Gold Wing or any other sports tourer with very thin possibilities of equipping superbike like Honda Fireblade with the same. The brand is expected to showcase the motorcycle with the supposed technology sometime in the next year.

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Honda Working on Adjustable Riding Position Technology
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