17 Indian Motorcycles You Can Buy in India [Complete Price List]

Indian Motorcycles lineup for the country shows a wide variety of models, ranging from smaller than usual Scout Sixty to the massive Roadmaster Elite. The starting model from Indian may feel small on paper in comparison to other lineup models but, it still carries a 999cc engine. Scout Bobber and Scout are available with a bigger 1133cc engine for added torque. It is hard for an amateur eye to spot the differences between these three models. The lineup suddenly experiences a bump in power with the 1811cc, 150 Nm engine for all other bikes except the midsize range.

The frame and engine stay the same from INR 19 lakh worth Chief Dark Horse to INR 48.48 lakh worth Roadmaster Elite. While the cruiser options are available with a single headlight, those in the bagger and touring category comes with multiple headlights and fairing design. The basic huge front fairing stays the same, getting changes in terms of enhancement with expensive models. Indian Chieftain Elite was recently launched at INR 38 lakh, making Indian good for two premium versions of their popular motorcycles with Roadmaster Elite and Chieftain Elite.

Here is a complete price list for all available Indian bikes in the country:

Indian Midsize Series

  • Scout Sixty – INR 11.10 lakh
  • Scout Bobber – 12.11 lakh
  • Scout – INR 12.82 lakh

Indian Cruiser Series

  • Chief Dark Horse – INR 19 lakh
  • Chief – INR 21.51 lakh
  • Chief Classic – INR 21.51 lakh

Indian Bagger Series

  • Chief Vintage – INR 25.58 lakh
  • Springfield Dark Horse – INR 28.86 lakh
  • Chieftain Dark Horse – INR 30.29 lakh
  • Chieftain – INR 32.33 lakh
  • Chieftain Classic – INR 32.77 lakh
  • Springfield – INR 33.84 lakh
  • Chieftain Limited – INR 36.35 lakh
  • Chieftain Elite – INR 38 lakh
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Indian Touring Series

  • Roadmaster Classic – INR 37.68 lakh
  • Roadmaster – INR 40.39 lakh
  • Roadmaster Elite – INR 48.48 lakh

Indian Motorcycles Price List (Video)