Online Booking ID-Wise Jawa Delivery Dates Revealed

Jawa delivery dates are out now for those who have booked the motorcycle within the first two days of the official launch. Along with the brand name, the online booking IDs issued by Jawa have month and date enclosed in them as the first four digits are for the year, next two for the month and next two for the date on which the booking was made. The remaining numbers will give you an idea of how many other buyers have booked before your booking ID in the same month.

Those who have booked their Jawa motorcycle on the launch day, which was 15th November 2018, will get their bikes delivered between April 20 to April 30, 2019. Though Jawa recently made a handful of deliveries on March 30 and March 31, the brand has not officially revealed the booking IDs of the motorcycles delivered on these 2 days.

Jawa Classic 300
Online Booking ID-Wise Jawa Delivery Dates Revealed

On the other hand, those who made the booking on 16 November 2018 will have two different delivery phases during the month of May. The online booking IDs falling between JAWA-2018-11-16-003 to JAWA-2018-11-16-3931 will get deliveries between May 1 to May 15 while those with online bookings IDs between JAWA-2018-11-16-3949 and JAWA-2018-11-16-6344 will get their bikes between May 15 to May 31. The shocking factor here is that deliveries for the bookings made on 15th November will take one full month while another month will go for the approx 6000+ units booked on 16th November.

Jawa 42
Online Booking ID-Wise Jawa Delivery Dates Revealed

Jawa officially closed the online bookings on 25th December, and the bookings made on all the remaining 44 days (17 November to 25 December) have no confirmed delivery status till date. The total number of days when online bookings were open are 46 and after that, the number of bookings had definitely seen a sharp fall.

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The reason being the unavailability of dealerships, offline Jawa bookings may be just a fraction of the online bookings. Jawa jumped over the target of 100 dealerships in a long time and thus, the speed could not have helped them gather a huge number. Jawa may speed up the process of deliveries after clearing numbers from the first phase of online bookings.


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