Meet Jawa 42 Cafe Racer Concept by Autologue Design

Autologue Design is here with one impressive render for their upcoming product named the Jawa 42 Cafe Racer. The digitally modified image looks heart-melting and nostalgic for those who are in love with the retro-modern appeal of Jawa 42 and dream of putting a neat fairing around the headlight for an impressive highway ride. Jawa 42 Cafe Racer is seen with a single seat that ends in a smooth cowl and Bridgestone Battlax tires. The latter will not stay on the production version as that will up to the owner to modify the working parts or keep everything stock on the motorcycle.

The front comes with a perfectly-fitting fairing that is seen connected with the fuel tank. The handlebar section also comes with clip-on bars while the fuel tank is seen with a dedicated knee area on the Jawa 42 Cafe Racer. Autologue Design will not alter the fuel tank dynamics as the part of this standard kit. The same has not entered production as the modifier will gauge the customer response before working on the production version. However, Jawa is also expected to work on more models based on this recently launched platform, hinting towards a production-spec cafe racer in the future (most probably early 2020).

Jawa 42 can serve as the perfect base for a cafe racer, both in the modification world and company-made product list. It comes with a powerful engine that produced 28 Nm of torque and not just that, Jawa can use the bigger 334cc engine on the model to achieve an impressive output. Autologue Design has worked on numerous projects that add practical components to the production-spec motorcycles in India. The conversion of Dominar into a tourer and Duke series into a premium streetfighter gave them the much-required attention of the audience in India.

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Meet Jawa 42 Cafe Racer Concept by Autologue Design
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