Here’s Why Jawa Deliveries are Getting Delayed in India

Here’s Why Jawa Deliveries are Getting Delayed: Jawa is one of the most iconic motorcycle brands and it was resurrected after two decades by Mahindra (Classic Legends). The brand has been receiving limelight in the news for quite long when it comes to late deliveries of the Jawa motorcycles.

In an interview with ‘The Hindu’, Jawa’s CEO has finally addressed the issue and promises to make up for the delay by increasing the number of dealerships as well as ramping up the production.

Jawa plans on increasing their dealerships from 105 to 120 in the span of three consecutive months. The brand wants best for their customers and for delivering a better experience, they are focusing on building new dealerships that will keep their 90 years of legacy alive.

With their plans to increase the number of dealerships, Ashish Joshi, Chief Executive Officer, Classic Legends Pvt, commented – “There is a lot of effort going behind ramping-up (production) with suppliers, and that is showing us very positive results. We are overwhelmed with the response, and we have now come to terms with this kind of response and we have worked very hard towards the ramp up. I think over the next few months, people will start realising that there is a steady stream of motorcycles coming through and (that) people are getting their machines.”

In addition to this, the brand also focused on justifying the deliveries delay due to the lack of suppliers capacity. Being a newly resurrected brand, Jawa officials feel the need to build a stronger relationship with the suppliers to get the work done faster and meet with the increasing demand.

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Commenting on the delayed Jawa deliveries, Ashish Joshi, said – “With about 2,500 components in the bike and over 700 suppliers supplying them, we are only as strong as that. It’s not about building up your capacity, but it’s about building up supplier capacity as well. And here we are, with a resurrected brand, a completely new motorcycle (with) a completely new set of suppliers supplying it to us — it takes a little while to get everything up to scale.”

Comet Red Jawa 42 by Detailing Devils
Meet Impressive Comet Red Jawa 42 by Detailing Devils

According to the officials, the online bookings for the Jawa Motorcycles were stopped after December 25 and everyone booking the motorcycles offline at the dealerships have been asked to wait for 9 to 10 months for deliveries. In addition to this, the customers who have booked the motorcycles last year will be receiving the deliveries by September 2019.

The brand is working hard to commit to their promises and increasing the productions to meet the new demands. The brand believes in understanding the customer’s sentiments and are working hard to reduce the delivery time as much as possible.

Commenting to its customers on delayed Jawa deliveries, Ashish Joshi further added – “The long wait period is not ideal. We are working very, very hard to see how we can shorten that. We understand that once you have made up your mind, you want your product or your motorcycle quickly, and we are striving very, very hard. There is nobody here in this organisation who is taking this easy.”

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