Jawa Factory Starts Manufacturing Face Shields to Fight Coronavirus

Jawa Factory Starts Manufacturing Face Shields: Since fighting coronavirus pandemic is the only need of the hour, every responsible organization is doing its bit in curbing the problem at hand. Anand Mahindra, after pledging to donate 100% of his salary to the PM relief fund, has decided to help the country further. Here is what he tweeted recently:

“I will contribute 100 per cent of my salary to it and will add more over the next few months. I urge all our various businesses to also set aside contributions for those who are the hardest hit in their ecosystem”.

As per one of the recent updates, Mahindra’s two-wheeler manufacturing unit in Pithampur, Madhya Pradesh, that rolls out Jawa Motorcycles is now constantly working towards manufacturing face shields for helping fight the pandemic.

Jawa Factory Starts Manufacturing Face Shields
Jawa Factory Starts Manufacturing Face Shields to Fight Coronavirus

Confirming the reports, Prakash Wakankar, Head Mahindra Group’s International Operations for Farm Equipment and Global Two-Wheeler Business, recently tweeted: “Our Pithampur plant in a new avatar in its #fightagainstcorona serves 1000+ meal packets from our kitchen & began assembling Face Shields today.”

In addition to manufacturing the face shields, the manufacturing unit is catering towards offering more than 1000 meal packets to the needy in the time of the nationwide lockdown. The brand started the process of developing a face shield back in March at its Kandivali plant, Mumbai.

Face Shield Sample
Face Shield Sample by Mahindra and Mahindra

As per the reports, the face shields manufactured at the plants have been developed from a design sourced via Ford Motor Corporation. The face shield is helpful in completely blocking the eyes and face from accidental contact with the harmful liquids.

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It is one of the most helpful steps taken by the collaboration of Ford and Mahindra in fighting the pandemic in the country which ultimately acts as a good example for the automotive industry to encourage the others to come around and offer their bit to the nation.


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