Jawa Perak 334 Officially Launched in India @ INR 1.89 Lakh

Jawa Perak has been officially launched at INR 1.89 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi). The factory custom model will be available later as the official launch event had an announcement regarding the delay of deliveries for the special version. The first examples of Perak will arrive in 2019 and added price brings not just the unique style but also a reworked motor with more displacement and performance. Jawa Perak comes with a 334cc, single cylinder engine, producing 30 hp of maximum power and 31 Nm of torque. The bigger bore offers 3 units of additional power and torque in comparison to Jawa 300 and Forty-Two.

The motorcycle is lower and longer, featuring an independent hanging seat for typical premium bobber styling. The frame is well complemented by the custom side panels and shorter exhaust pipes. The engine bay is completely coated with black shade while chrome elements have been replaced with similar gloss black parts. The rear fender is clearly lighter and modern in design, hanging parallel to the surface of the tire with almost negligible distance. The front and rear disc brakes confirm that other two Jawa models can have the same sort of safety in the coming months.

Jawa may launch other premium shades for the Perak variant as they have selected an impressive number of options for the Classic 300 and Forty-Two. The smaller 293cc, single cylinder engine is good for 27 bhp and 28 Nm. Both the bikes are offered with a 6-speed gearbox as standard. The rear suspension on Perak is a monoshock, resulting in a lot of work for the brand in total. Still, they are reasonably charging INR 25,000 for all these changes. The amount is comparable or even lower than the value charged by most modifiers of India. The value adds dual channel ABS, rear disc brake and a new swingarm. CLICK HERE to know more about the Jawa Perak 334.

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