2020 Price List of Kawasaki Ninja Bikes Available in India

Kawasaki Ninja Bikes Price List in India: Kawasaki Ninja is India’s most trusted sports bike series from a long time. The price range for the Ninja series starts at INR 2.98 lakh for the Ninja 300 and goes up to INR 75.80 lakh for the highly-specialized Ninja H2R. The BS6 model of the Ninja 300 has been recently spotted testing near Pune and it is expected to launch in the coming months.

Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R
Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R

At present, the Kawasaki Ninja 1000 is priced at INR 10.29 lakh, making it one of the most effectively placed superbikes of India while the brand is expected to launch the 2020 model of the motorcycle in the coming months. For those who are not willing to spend this much, Ninja 650 is another well-placed product at INR 5.89 lakh, whose BS6-compliant model is also coming soon.

Last year Kawasaki also launched the Ninja ZX-6R in India with an ex-showroom price tag of INR 10.49 lakh. It is India’s first and only 600cc Supersport category motorcycle. It is expected that Yamaha will also launch the 2020 YZF-R6 in India this year to compete with the likes of ZX-6R. Triumph will also launch the Daytona 765 Moto2 sportbike in the coming months. Here is the 2020 price list of the Kawasaki Ninja bikes you can buy in India.

Kawasaki Ninja Bikes

Ex-Showroom Price List

Ninja H2 Series

  1. Ninja H2R – INR 75.80 lakh
  2. Ninja H2 Carbon – INR 41.79 lakh
  3. Ninja H2 – INR 34.99 lakh
  4. Ninja H2 SX SE – INR 28.19 lakh
  5. Ninja H2 SX – INR 22.89 lakh
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Ninja ZX Series

  1. Ninja ZX-14R – INR 19.70 lakh
  2. Ninja ZX-10R – INR 13.99 lakh
  3. Ninja ZX-6R – INR 10.49 lakh

Kawasaki will also launch the 2020 model of the Ninja ZX-10RR in India soon.

Ninja Series

  1. Ninja 1000 – INR 10.29 lakh
  2. Ninja 650 STD – INR 5.89 lakh
  3. Ninja 650 KRT – INR 5.99 lakh
  4. Ninja 400 – INR 4.99 lakh
  5. Ninja 300 – INR 2.98 lakh
Ninja 300
Ninja 300: INR 2.98 lakh
Ninja 400
Ninja 400: INR 4.99 lakh
Ninja 650 KRT
Ninja 650 KRT: INR 5.99 lakh
Ninja 1000
Ninja 1000: INR 10.29 lakh
Ninja ZX-6R
Ninja ZX-6R: INR 10.49 lakh
Ninja ZX-10R
Ninja ZX-10R: INR 13.99 lakh
Ninja ZX-14R
Ninja ZX-14R: INR 19.70 lakh
Ninja H2 SX
Ninja H2 SX: INR 22.89 lakhs
Ninja H2 SX SE
Ninja H2 SX SE: INR 28.19 lakhs
Ninja H2
Ninja H2: INR 34.99 lakhs
Ninja H2 Carbon
Ninja H2 Carbon: INR 41.79 lakhs
Ninja H2R
Ninja H2R: INR 75.80 lakhs
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2020 Price List of Kawasaki Ninja Bikes Available in India
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