Budget 2018: CKD Kawasaki Sport Bikes to Get Price Hike Soon

Kawasaki Sport Bikes to Get Price Hike Soon: Kawasaki India was one among the victims of excise duty increase as they will revise the pricing for all CKD models in India. As prices will go up by 5-7% for different models, Kawasaki Ludhiana is offering all these CKD models at existing prices with additional 8.5% of low interest rate.

The list of models on offer includes Ninja 300, Ninja 650, Z250, Z650, Z900, Versys 650 and Vulcan S. Kawasaki India has the most number of options available in terms of premium sport bikes in India. They have covered almost every segment and their pricing is felt pretty genuine by buyers around the country.

Kawasaki Sport Bikes
Budget 2018: CKD Kawasaki Sport Bikes to Get Price Hike Soon

Buyers will get limited stock of this pre-excise duty increase stock and they can call their nearest dealerships for more options on these models. Kawasaki India is planning to move some of its models into local production but still, no news regarding this update was received afterwards.

Government has hiked the excise duty as this will encourage more brands to take the local production route for better placement of their products in the market. Auto Expo 2018 will bring good news from Kawasaki regarding new products and later, they could join the local production bandwagon as KTM does in India.

Budget 2018

Kawasaki India’s present range starts from INR 3.08 lakh and goes up to INR 69.80 lakh for track spec H2R. They have certain limitations and availability of products sometimes make their approach questionable.

For example, if they could have three products on the same engine and platform (Z300, Ninja 300 and Versys X-300), why are they bringing Z250 with a smaller engine and different CKD route.

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Local production will benefit them for the 650 series as Z650, Ninja 650, Versys 650 and Vulcan S also use the same engine. Local production till this segment is a great way to survive in India.

Budget 2018: CKD Kawasaki Sport Bikes to Get Price Hike Soon
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