Kawasaki Elecktrode Electric Bike Revealed – Gets Power Modes

Kawasaki has been working on an electric two-wheeler for quite some time, and the product has finally been released on global markets. It may come as a surprise to those who have been eagerly awaiting the release of the electric bike that the Elecktrode bike is not a speed machine, but has been designed with children in mind. This fully electric bike will act as a traverse between conventional bicycles and small displacement bikes. 

Speaking of the mechanics of the all-new Kawasaki Elecktrode bike, the frame used in the formation of this bike is made from aluminium. The bike has no suspension system, but it rides on massive 16-inch wheels. These cast aluminium wheels are wrapped in moderately off-road biassed tyres. The bike’s braking system includes a 160mm rear disc brake with a convertible brake lever position.

Moreover, there are three parent-controlled speed modes offered that can be selected through the LCD panel mounted on the handlebars. Each mode limits the electric bike’s speed to various levels like low, medium, and high; these are 8 kph, 12 kph, and 20 kph, respectively. The electric mode may also be switched off, converting the Elektrode into a balance bike suitable for any youngster just starting out on two wheels.

In addition, to switch modes, the bike must be totally stopped, increasing an extra sense of security for both the rider and the parent. A particular parental lock that needs a unique password prevents your child from changing the power levels. 

Powering the bike is a 36V 5.1Ah battery that offers a ride time of more than 2.5 hours. This lithium-ion is placed inside the frame, and a 250-watt brushless in-wheel electric motor supplies power to the rear wheel. The Elecktrode bike is chargeable with a 5A charging socket, but Kawasaki has not disclosed any information about the fast charging option.

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