Post-GST Kawasaki Price List

GST brought a different league of changes in Kawasaki lineup. While everyone was expecting rise in cost for all models except Z250 and Ninja 300, the changes were in favor of most other models in the company lineup.

The visible changes are impressive for newly launched Kawasaki Z650 as it now retails for INR 4.99 lakh. 2017 Kawasaki Ninja 650, the middleweight tourer, now comes with a price tag of INR 5.33 lakh. This makes both of them good for INR 20,000 and INR 26,000 off from their price tag.

Kawasaki recently launched the Z900 for INR 7.68 lakh while Ninja 1000 was launched at INR 9.98 lakh. Apart from these two bikes, the prices for Z1000 and Z1000R fell by INR 39,000 each. Kawasaki kept the Z250 at INR 3.08 lakh while Versys 1000 was found missing from the official list.

It was still BS3 compliant and could not be sold after April 1, 2017. Unfortunately, the price hike for Ninja ZX-14R and ZX-10R was heartbreaking. They kept ZX-10RR at the same price as its launch event and it is priced @ 21.90 lakhs.

These prices were shared by Kawasaki Bangalore and most probably, pan India pricing for the models are same from July 1, 2017. Here is the complete price list for Kawasaki motorcycles that are available in India.

  • Z250: INR 3.08 lakh
  • Z650: INR 4.99 lakh
  • Z900: INR 7.68 lakh
  • Z1000: INR 15.10 lakh
  • Z1000R: INR 16.10 lakh
  • Ninja 300: INR 3.60 lakh
  • Ninja 650: INR 5.33 lakh
  • Ninja 1000: INR 9.98 lakh
  • Versys 650: INR 6.50 lakh
  • ZX-10R: INR 18.80 lakh
  • ZX-14R: INR 19.70 lakh
  • ZX-10RR: INR 21.90 lakh
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The price list shared by Kawasaki Bangalore doesn’t include the Ninja H2 series sport bikes, maybe because they must be available on order. Following is the price list for the Ninja H2 series:

  • Ninja H2: INR 33.30 lakhs
  • Ninja H2 Carbon: INR 39.80 lakhs
  • Ninja H2R: INR 69.80 lakhs

Please contact your nearest Kawasaki dealer to check the price in your area. Here is the complete list of Kawasaki dealers in India.

Kawasaki even retails four off-road, non road legal models in the company lineup. The KX and KLX series of motorcycles are to be used in closed environments and could help aspiring riders learn off-road riding in India.

  • KLX110: INR 2,99,500
  • KX140: INR 4,06,600
  • KX100: INR 4,87,800
  • KX250: INR 7,43,000

Price List Courtesy:

Rideventur Kawasaki Bangalore,
35/8, Opp St Joseph College,
Langford Road, Bangalore: 560025
[email protected]

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