Modified KTM Duke Badmaash 390 by Rajputana Custom Motorcycles

Duke Badmaash by Rajputana Custom Motorcycles: KTM 390 Duke is something what a performance lover would dream of owning in India. The complete package offered by KTM comes loaded with anything that one imagines around this price. It offers ride by wire, dual channel ABS, LED lights and almost every other utility enhancing feature.

Those who have the last generation model need not to feel worries anymore as they can even make their bike special with this custom body grooming from Rajputana Customs. It flaunts pure scrambler style designing with a huge white fuel tank that matches the rear suspension shade over this all black body.

KTM 390 Duke Badmaash
Modified KTM 390 Duke Badmaash by Rajputana Custom Motorcycles

They call it ‘Badmaash’ and for sure, the looks justify its name at all terms. That huge fuel tank comes with tank pads for better grip during rough rides while front and rear road spec tyres were replaced with these huge sidewall, dual purpose tyres for better grip on odd surfaces.

Front and rear suspension was kept stock but still offered a ride height increase due to bigger tyres. Handlebar stays calm while one can enjoy riding this typical Badmaash Duke for its less wrist stressing feel. A custom black exhaust can is used here to raise the aural sensation among pedestrians.

The fuel tank is embedded with motorcycle’s original instrument console. It not just looks awesome but also helps the rider enjoy endless view of the road when tucking in under a custom attached visor (not shown here). Front light is a round LED unit while rear gets LED strip for brake as well as taillight purpose.

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Last generation KTM 390 Duke was good for 35 Nm of torque. It seems that Badmaash has lost some weight and will perform very well when used for controlled environment stunt practice and street friendly rides. It even comes with a custom ECU and that definitely affects the overall sprint times.

KTM 390 Duke Badmaash Videos

Badmaash! Our custom KTM 390!

Posted by Rajputana Custom Motorcycles on Tuesday, February 27, 2018

‘Badmaash’ our custom KTM 390 is mad fun! Order yours now!

Posted by Rajputana Custom Motorcycles on Wednesday, January 31, 2018